Custard Doughnuts


Doughnuts are glorious deep fried pieces of soft pillowy heaven. Light and fluffy in the middle, and golden and crisp on the outside. They can be filled with all manner of sweet and sticky fillings, that ooze out of a deep delicious hole. They are the perfect thing to make on a lazy Sunday afternoon, as they don’t really require much hard work at all, just a bit of time to do their magic. For the doughnuts I used a recipe that I found on The Sugar Hit, they came out perfectly and I will certainly use this recipe again. I filled these beauties with a rich and thick crème pat custard, but really the world is your oyster, anything goes, and I’ve already dreamed up half a dozen glorious fillings I plan to be making very soon like Nutella, lemon curd, and peanut butter and jam.


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Guilty Pleasure


Last weekend I finally got around to trying the Brunch at Guilty Pleasure. God knows what took me so long as this place has been open for months and I eat more than my fair share of brunches, in fact I probably eat my fair share of other people’s brunches too! Continue reading

Throwback Thursday


Whoop whoop, it’s Throwback Thursday. A time to go back and re-examine what went wrong in our lives and find out if we have learned anything from our mistakes, in my case probably not but I can always live in hope. This week I was eating Cuban sandwiches at Revolucion, drinking Girl on Fire cocktails and cooking up a whole host of treats you’ve yet to see, like custard doughnuts and popcorn fudge. But what was I doing this time last year………. Continue reading



Last week I put on my walking boots and ventured up the hill in Gyeongridan to check out the Cuban sandwiches at Revolución with my paparazzi professor neighbour, Mike from Metropolitician. Continue reading

Girl on Fire


In my circle of friends, I’m known as somewhat of a lush. I’m not really quite sure what led to this assertion of my character, but once you catch a label like this it really is hard to shake. But rather than fight my good time Charlie status, I’ve decided to go with the flow and live up to all expectations. To further my drunken career I always keep a well stocked liquor cabinet, ready to pounce whenever cocktail hour rears it’s head. Last week one of my favourite girls about town popped in for for a quick tipple before our dinner plans and I whipped up this little beauty. Continue reading

Phillies – Brunch


For the past month or two my favourite neighbourhood bar has been serving up brunch. They are already wildly sought after for their cheap drinks, awesome burgers, and incredibly handsome bar tenders but now there’s an even greater reason to go and pay them a visit, and that’s their incredibly tasty and well priced brunch.  For the first few weeks it was being kept a secret, but now the word is out I thought it was about time I shared it with my loyal and faithful readers. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday


Never one to miss out on a trend I’ve decided to enter the social media led world of Throwback Thursday. My readership has blossomed like a flower over the years, and some of my newer readers have missed out on so much great stuff, so I’ve decided to give you a throw back to the ho back, and roll back out some of the classics.

This week in 2014

I was eating Curried Squash Soup with Cheese & Onion Soda Bread


I was drinking a Green Smoothie, and still do every morning.


I was dining at  Everest in Dongdaemun.


And I was shopping at WWOOF CSA organic farm boxes.


This week in 2013 

I was eating Wasabi Pea Dip


I was dining at Reilly’s Taphouse


And I was shopping at The Pinoy Mart, which has now sadly closed and forces me to trek to Itaewon when I’m in need of weird and wacky ingredients.

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Now back to the future and I’ll see you all next Thursday!