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My name is Gemma Wardle and for the past 7 years I’ve been living in Seoul, South Korea. Ever since I was young my passions have been travelling and eating, not necessarily in that order. Moving to Korea satisfied my lust for travel as I was able to use it to explore the rest of Asia but my need to eat and share my foodie finds was never quenched until I started my food blog four years ago. My passion for food some how resonated with my readers and allows me to indulge in my ultimate obsession of eating. In my free time I’m usually found eating pizza on my sofa, taking pictures of my food, making more food to eat and take pictures of, or of course writing this blog. 

Articles & Radio Interviews

October 2014 – Groove Magazine

March 20 2015 – Korean Safari

March 21 2015 – Groove Cast

April  13 2015 – Korea Times

January 14 2016 – TBS EFM

February 1 2016 – Fullbright Korea Infusion

July 31 2016 – District Gal