Last weekend I enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Dominic. A large, sleek, and smart restaurant located in Itaewon. With the dark wooden floors, exposed walls and chrome finishings, this restaurant exudes effortless cool chic. With a wall protecting it from the main road there is an element of privacy at Dominic that’s just perfect for those wanting to enjoy a romantic evening out. There is a long bar where you can enjoy an after work aperitif , and a big wooden table where you can enjoy a more private  meal with a large group of friends. There is also a huge basement downstairs which can be rented out for private functions, such as parties and wedding receptions.


The restaurant serves lunch and dinner every night of the week. The menu is an eclectic mix of modern American favourites. Sharing is a common theme at Dominic, with many of the dishes designed for two or three. Some of the most popular meals include the New York Strip Steak, Dirty Mac & Cheese, California Cobb salad, and the NY Pizza Hoagie.



We decided to try the Calafornia Cobb salad (20,000). A Fresh and delicious start to the meal, this salad was delightful. Huge in size, this could easily be shared between 4 smaller people, or as lunch for two. Fresh and tasty, the zingy vinaigrette was laced with capers making it all the more moreish. Liberally topped with pamesan, chicken breast, egg, cranberries and bacon.  I love to start a meal with a salad, as I feel it doesn’t impede my gorging later in the meal, which fried foods are want to do. Bring back the salad starter I say.


On to the main course. There was no way I was turning down the New York Strip Steak (38,000 for 200g). We ordered the steak rare and were not disappointed. It was cooked to absolute perfection. Seared on the grill, then servd in the sizzling pan. This is my favourite way to cook steak. It was a magnificent piece of meat, and well worth its price tag. You really can’t beat a good steak



For a side dish we ordered the Cream Spinach on Butter Bread (12,000). The whole meal was fantastic but it was this dish that made me fall in love. Sauteed spinach in a cream cheese sauce, topped with bacon and covering a delightful pillow of grilled butter brioche bread.  It’s hard to tell from the picture but they dish was monstrous and I devoured it without restraint. Had I not ordered a second one to take home, I would have licked the bowl clean. It was just so so yummy. I insist you all order one.


The Leek Fries (9,000) were presented beautifully in a cast iron pan on top of grease proof paper, I do so enjoy the rustic look. Well seasoned and topped with deep fried shredded leeks. They are a must for french fry fanatics.


I was once again stuffed to the gills by the time the desert course present itself, however I still couldn’t resist the Tiramisu (6,000). It was the perfect way to round up the meal. Rich and creamy, with the slightly boozy coffee soaked sponge at the bottom. You’d be mad to not at least share one. Though I’m not sure I did much sharing on my part. It was more like 90/10.


As well as the fabulous food they also have a well priced wine list and an excellent selection of modern and classic cocktails. Half price happy hour is  from 6pm – 8pm every night of the week. Even on Friday and Saturdays and knowing me as well as you do I obviously took full advantage of it. The Fat Girl favourites are the French Kiss and Lime mojitos!


Dominic is located at 683-133 hanam-dong, yongsan-gu, Seoul. to get there take a train to Hangangjin Station (line6) Come out of exit 3 and walk straight for about 200 meters. It’s located next to the Kolon Series Multi Shop and just across from Woori bank. For more information you can call them on 02-790-7588.

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Baby Greek


Last week I visited my good friend Susan who lives in Gangnam. It’s not often that I like to leave the loving embrace that is Itaewon, but she had me over a barrel since she had come to me the last couple of times. She had been raving on about this new Little Greek place she had found for weeks now, so at her insistence we went for dinner.

Baby Greek is located in the food court on the basement floor of a large office style building near Seolleung station.There is a large cafeteria style seating area and then all the food court options. There is a lot down there, mainly Korean food, but there was a little salad place which caught my eye along with Baby Greek. Although the cafeteria style seating didn’t hold much ambience, the prices are insanely cheap, and you can also get the food to take away and enjoy in a more romantic setting. If you are out shopping it would be a great place to grab and go, especially with the sky-rocketing prices in Gangnam where even a sandwich from Paris Baguette will cost you 7,000 -8,000.




After a little peruse of the menu I thought we needed to try the flat bread and dips (6,000). As we waited I had a chat with the owner and she told me that she used to get the pita breads from The Bakers Table, but now she has a local bakery make them up for her to her own recipe. She told me it’s the only thing she doesn’t make herself. As a hummus creator and aficionado myself I was very keen to check it out. A nice and nutty concoction I was rather impressed. However it’s the tzatziki on the dips platter that really shines. It was amazing, possibly the best tzatziki I have ever had (and I’ve been to Greece). Creamy and cool home-made Greek yoghurt, with just the right amount of lemony zing and fresh herbs to balance it. The olive oil she had used to drizzle on top was also rather good and had a lot of flavour. A great dish to keep us going while we waited for our gyros.



My friend had been going on and on about the chicken gyros for forever, but I spotted the falafel one on the menu and couldn’t resist. We decided to get one of each and share. They are both (6,000).


The chicken gyros was stuffed to the brim with succulent authentically grilled chicken. It was really tasty, plenty of salad and sauce, all wrapped up in the fluffy pita. The size of it was enormous, with the thick pita encasing it, you would definitely be full all day.  Beats a kebab any day of the week.


The falafel gyros was also huge. The falafels were a nice size and had a great texture. Some of the best I have had in Seoul. I liked both gyros a lot. I would be hard pushed to choose my favourite and will probably just order two next time, in true Fat Girl style.


I was pretty stuffed by this point but still had a tiny bit of room for a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Oh god how I love Greek yoghurt, I could eat at least a bowl a day, if it was cheaper here in Korea. This yoghurt is made on the premises and is fabulous. Thick and creamy, it’s pure unadulterated luxury dairy goodness. It’s served with maple syrup for that touch of sweetness. Although I think honey might be nicer and more in keeping with the Greek theme. It was so good I practically licked the bowl clean. For those who’s bellies are not as big as their eyes, you can also get yoghurt to go.


Baby Greek is located at Underground food court 136, Hanshin intervalley 24, 707-34 Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-gu To get there take a train to Seolleung station (line 2) and come out of exit 4. Keep walking straight until you see McDonalds. Baby Greek is in the 24 building next door. Walk through the double doors and take the escalator down to the basement. Turn left off the escalator and walk straight, Baby Greek will be right in front of you. Baby Greek is open from 9am- 9pm. For more information call 070-4414-7161 or check out their facebook page.

The Beastro


The Beastro is the hottest new restaurant to hit Hongdae and is serving up contemporary American cuisine. The large restaurant is set over three floors, and boasts an open plan kitchen and a roof top patio where you can enjoy drink or two whilst gazing out over the city sky line. Which is the perfect place to beat the heat and enjoy the cool breeze.


Owner and head chef Matthew J Chung has created a simple yet elegant menu chock full of comfort foods and American classics like steak, fried chicken, and mac & cheese. But he has cleverly revamped and modernized the dishes in a way you have never eaten them before. Everything has been made from scratch in house where possible and it really comes through on the plate.


I attended The Beastro at Matthews invitation with The Fat Boyfriend and my good friend Susan, and together we ambled our way through the well sized menu. Despite the heat we decided to sit up on the terrace and were delighted to find that there was a refreshingly cool breeze up there making it the perfect spot for alfresco dining.


After we had ordered we were presented with home baked potato bread rolls served with garlic jam, always a great start to a meal.


To start we tried the Kale and Ricotta Salad (13,000). With freshly shredded kale and home-made ricotta this is the perfect summer salad. Plenty of chicken breast was found on the plate and there was a tasty citrus dressing on top, it was very good indeed.


We also ordered the Salmon Rillettes (12,000). I am not a salmon eater myself but The Fat Boyfriend can’t get enough of it, so was incredibly eager to try this dish. When asked to describe the dish he declared it to be “amazeballs,” and that he would “smother himself in a bowl of it.” At his insistence that it wasn’t too fishy I gave it a try and it was very good indeed. Kind of like a prawn cocktail, zingy, and well balanced.


Our last starter was the Fried Brie Wheel (15,000). A whole round of brie in a cornmeal batter, served with orange tomato jam and croutons. The tangy yet sweet jam worked really well with  the richness of the cheese. A must for cheesaholics.


On to the main courses, we decided to get a couple and share them between us. First up was the Fried chicken platter (17,000) Oh the fried chicken platter, mere words cannot describe the wonderfulness that is The Beastro’s fried chicken but I shall try anyway. For a start this is the best fried chicken I have ever had in my life! KFC has forever been ruined for me and I love KFC more than my own mother. The breast is so moist and juicy, probably because of the 6 hour long brine soak that they do. The skin is like a crispy blanket of pure crunchy fried goodness. It’s amazing, I could eat about a bucket-full. The mash is creamy and the perfect accompaniment to the chicken. The biscuit was also the best I’ve ever had, it was so light and fluffy that it was almost like a pastry. The two accompanying sauces also worked perfectly. The sour honey sauce and the bagna cauda(garlic and anchovy) both really added an interesting flavour to the dish. It was the perfect meal, even the mustard seeds on the top were great, a 10 out of 10 in every way. I will certainly be back for more.


We also tried the 24 hour hangar steak (20,000). Slow cooked for a whole day, the steak was exceptionally tender. Personally I still prefer a grilled steak over one cooked sous vide, but this one was very good. The beef dripping roast potatoes and onion gravy were also excellent. I don’t think you will find a better steak anywhere in Seoul for 20,000. I’m sure I would have loved this dish more if I hadn’t had it at the same time as the chicken but I would certainly order this dish again if I was in the mood for beef.


We needed a couple of sides to go with our mains and opted for the Buffalo Mac and Cheese(13,000). Topped with a parmesan crust and buffalo chicken. This was a match made in heaven. Again, one of the best Mac & cheeses I’ve ever had it, it was just so creamy. Pairing it with the buffalo sauce was genius. I’m going to have to try this at home. The portion is pretty big, so you could order it by itself if you wanted.


Chimichurri Fries (8,000). I couldn’t resist these. I’ve loved chimichurri sauce since I went to Argentina and who doesn’t love fries? The chimchurri, and parmesan are a nice addition on top of the fries and they would be perfect to pick at while enjoying a drink on the roof.


You wouldn’t have thought we would have room at this point but were recommended the Whisky on the Rocks (12,000). A Whiskey custard, panna cotta and savoury crumble. Not normally a huge fan of boozy desserts, this one was delightful. Rich yet light, with the flavour of coffee and whiskey which was not at all over powering. A sweet end to the meal.


I think we all know that I couldn’t enjoy a nice meal without a few cocktails to help wash it down, and with head mixologist Ray S. Oh at the helm The Beastro have created a fabulous and provocative cocktail list.


Excellently priced, the drinks range from 8,500 – 13,000. Which considering the amount of thought and time which has gone into creating them is is amazing. I think you can guess that I took full advantage of the menu and these are my favourites. The Pretty in Pink (12,000) was probably my number 1. Vodka with pink lemonade and carbonated lychee jelly which practically danced and popped upon the taste buds. It was heaven in a glass.



We also tried The Malt Shoppe (13,000), a tequila laced strawberry shake, topped with homemade vanilla whipped cream. Ours came with a fabulous chocolate chip cookie, as the chefs had been having a bake off. Neither too sweet or boozy, you could enjoy this before or after your meal.


Other notable mentions are The Good Thymes (9,000) and 11pm (8,500). Both great short and refreshing concoctions perfect for a hot summer’s night.


The Beastro is located at 358-32 Seogyo Dong 2F, Mapo Gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Sangsu station (line 6). Come out of exit 1 and turn back on yourself. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes until you reach the Hongdae Park. Walk up the stairs till you reach the road that runs parallel and you should see The Beastro on the 2nd floor above M.A.C (Make-up and great food!!!). For more information call 02-334-2500 or check out their facebook page.

Lobster Bar


Last week, despite being immensely poor, I decided to treat myself and my man to some lobster. Not a whole lobster of course, I’m not that flush, but some lovely lobster sandwiches which are the new star attraction at Lobster bar in Itaewon. The place is located at the top of the stone stairs just next to Rocky Mountain Tavern. A small cafe with seating for about 12 inside and another 12 outside. It was rather muggy on the day we went, otherwise I would have loved to sit outside and soak up some rays.


The menu is small and efficient with only 4 items. It host three varieties of lobster sandwich and a whole lobster steamed or grilled. I was thrilled to find that despite the small size of the menu they offered 3 different cocktails and I think we all know how much I love the cock-tails. I inquired about the punch and it came highly recommended. I left my cocktail enjoyment in their hands and set about choosing my sandwich.


There are three kinds of sandwich, The Maine, which is lobster with mayo, The Connecticut which is lobster with butter and The Grilled Cheese, which is lobster in a grilled cheese sandwich. We decided to opt for the grilled cheese and the Connecticut, although I’m still itching to try out the Maine one, if anyone fancies taking me?


The punch arrived and I was glad to see it was held in a lovely large jar which justified its 12,000 price tag. The waiter held his breath as I tried my first sip. It was delightful, a fruity dance upon the taste buds with a lovely hit of blackcurrant. He walked away triumphantly as I enjoyed my drink.


The sandwiches were shortly presented in all their glory. The Grilled Cheese (17,000) is really very tasty and filling. Toasted bread, smeared with delicious melted cheese, spinach and plenty of pieces of plump lobster. You get a nice hit of flavour when you bite into it, followed by a spicy finish. It’s very moreish indeed, a bit like crack as Super Hans would say. It comes with salad and fries and they’re also working on getting some fresh corn to accompany it too.


The Connecticut (17,000)  is also exceptionally nice, generous chunks of lobster covered in juicy melted butter and housed in a soft roll. I was very impressed with the amount of lobster that was in it, one is enough to keep you happy. All in all a very good price, some may balk at paying 17,000 for a sandwich but it is lobster after all and they really don’t skimp on the portions.



There is also a tank outside full of live lobsters just waiting to be chosen and win the prize of becoming your dinner. For a mere 49,000, your lobster will be grilled or steamed and served up on a platter. Sadly too rich for my blood, but if anyone needs a date? I’m always available for lobster.



Lobster bar is located at 736-49 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) Exit 3. Walk straight until you get to the stairs next to Rocky Mountain Tavern. Walk to the top of the stairs, Lobster Bar is on your left. For more information you can call them on 070-8225-3963 or check out their website.



On Saturday I ventured into Longbread to get myself some sandwiches for me and The Fat Boyfriend for lunch. It’s owned by the people who run The Flying Pan so I was really excited to try it. The cafe is a huge airy and bright place, adjoining to the Lotte Department store. I often have trouble finding somewhere nice to eat for lunch after a spot of shopping in Myeongdong and this place really ticks all the boxes.


There are 8 or so different sandwiches on the menu. The names are all in English but sadly they don’t have the descriptions in English which is a bit annoying as they had a Japanese and Chinese menu. You can tell more or less what it is from the name, but if you are a bit fussy like me you want to know exactly what else is in it. I could have read the Korean explanation but frankly I couldn’t be bothered, after an hour in H&M I was ready to drop so I just ordered.


I ordered the Wow Beef Sandwich (8,800). Despite the stupid name, this sandwich was spectacular. I shared it with the Fat Boyfriend and we both gave a loud and resounding Mmm when we bit into it. The beef was tender and full of flavour with a slight spiciness to it. The cheese was melted to perfection and some lovely roasted vegetables rounded it out. It’s served on toasted panini bread and you would be hard pushed to find fault with it. A winner in every department and a pretty reasonable price tag for the size.


I also got the Oh! My Chicken Sandwich (8,300). Again it had lovely fresh bread and a nice tasty filling but it wasn’t a stand out sandwich for me like the beef one was. This was why I wanted to see what was in it, had it had some avocado and bacon it would have taken it up a notch. I would definitely like to try a few other sandwiches on the menu next time like the Long Bread Sandwich or the Cheese & Mushroom Panini.


I was feeling frivolous so I also ordered myself a De-stress Juice (7,800) Freshly squeezed, orange, grapefruit, lemon and celery.  Obviously it’s on the pricey side but good fresh juices are hard to find here and I needed to something healthy in my body to justify the 24 Krispie Kreme doughnuts I had just purchased (in my defence it was a buy 12 get 12 free day, and you would have to be made of stone to pass up a deal like that)!


On a side note the guy who served me was pretty rude. I was a little indecisive changing my mind about the juice I wanted  and asking for the menu in English. It wasn’t busy and I was the only person buying something so there was no need for his poor attitude towards me. But the sandwiches are lovely and the cafe is cute so I wouldn’t let it put me off.

Long bread is located at 123, 2ga, Namdaemun-ro, jung-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Euljiro 1-ga (line 2) and come out of exit 7. Walk straight for one block past the Lotte department Store and cross the road. Long Bread should be right in front of you on the side street just next to the Lotte Young department Store.  For more information you can call them on 02-2118-5173 or check out their website.

The Libertine Bar & Kitchen


No one enjoys a luxury brunch accompanied by several cocktails more than me. While there are lots of great options for brunch all around Itaewon, it’s hard to find one which has great food and great drinks. So when The Libertine Bar & Kitchen opened its doors I was very keen to give it a try.



The restaurant is sleek and smart, and full of clean lines while still remaining welcoming and friendly. It really evokes a  New York kind of feeling. The whole place has a sense of occasion about it and make you feel as though you are going somewhere special.


With a decent sized bar with ample seating, it would also be a nice spot to enjoy a great drink after work.


The day menu is short and sweet offering up traditional brunch items with an eclectic twist. An Eggs Benedict (16,000) is an essential item for any brunch menu and at Libertine they got it absolutely spot on. I really couldn’t fault it. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the bacon was thick and tasty and an absolute cut above what is usually served. The star of the show really is the hollandaise though. By far the best I have had in Korea, it was so thick and creamy it was practically mousse like, it generously topped the eggs below. Served with the requisite side salad it’s the perfect brunch.


Being a Florentine fan myself we had to try the Eggs and Spinach (16,000). This was a nice twist on the classic. A large piece of toast topped with two perfectly poached eggs and topped with the mild spinach and cheese sauce. beautifully presented and effortlessly tasty it was nice to see this on the menu.

10341665_10152456995651142_3140465503960568418_n (1)

If you are a regular reader of my recipes, you know I am a fan of capresa salad, so when I saw the Grilled Watermelon Capresa salad (16,000) I just had to try it. Grilled wedges of fresh juicy watermelon, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and chili, drizzled with balsamic reduction and basil oil. It came with an olive crumble which I’m not sure added anything to the dish. I think I would have preferred some nice juicy olives instead of this slightly  pretentious crumble but I still enjoyed the dish immensely.


There was no way I could leave without trying the LBK Burger(18,000). I wasn’t a fan of the usually well regarded burger at the head chef’s former restaurant Scout, so I felt in need to give this one a go to make sure. It was much more satisfying. A medium cooked burger, tasty soft bun, cheese, homemade ketchup and salad. It almost warranted a small Mmm. Not the best burger ever but it was good and I would order it again, despite the fact it’s messy and does fall apart as you eat it. I also enjoyed the cute fries in their small basket. Although some homemade ketchup or aioli might be nicer instead of the regular stuff.



The drinks menu is just as good as the food. They have all the traditional brunch cocktails like Bloody Marys and Mimosas, as well as various other more inventive libations for those who need hard liquor in the morning. Brunch is a time to get drunk and eat good food and you can do it in spades here. Each drink that I have tried, has been mixed expertly with a subtle, excellent balance of flavours that have been thoughtfully picked out.


In particular we were fond of the lemongrass infused gin, sorbet martini, and LBK lemonade.  My only complaint is that the drinks service is a bit slow, especially the first time we visited, when our food came a good 10 minutes before our drinks which is a particular pet peeve of mine. If they could get those drinks coming out a little faster it would be a 10/10 for me.


The Libertine Bar & Kitchen is located at 141-8 Itaewon. To get their take a train to Itaewon station (line 6) Come out of exit 3 and turn back on yourself and take a left walking down the furniture street past Taco Bell, and Bulldogs restaurant. Keep going straight until you reach The Libertine on the ground floor. You can call them on 02-790-9477 or check out their facebook page for more information.

Silence of the Lamb

silence 4

When I first heard about a new lamb restaurant being run by the owners of Bakers Table, I was very excited indeed. I am huge fan of lamb and am always on the look out for it on a menu. Plus I enjoy restaurants with jaunty names, so it really was a win-win situation on my part. Located in the ever trendy Kyungnidan up on the 2nd floor of an oddly shaped building next to the CU. The restaurant is huge, almost too big considering there was no one in there when we visited, although it was early on a week night. It seemed very spacious, and was designed in that empty warehouse, exposed brick, and wooden floor style that’s all the rage these days. There was a separate grill in the middle of the room for you to watch your lamb get cooked. In keeping with the Kyungnidan tradition there are lots of lovely craft beers on tap for you to drink. If you don’t like craft beer it’s juice or wine.



The menu surprisingly enough consisted of a variety of lamb dishes. Grilled, fried, burgers, stew, sandwiches etc. There are also chicken tenders and a pulled pork sandwich on the menu for those who can’t abide with eating  Mary’s little Lamb. For the veggie friendly they also have a Greek or panzanella style salad.

silence 3

After a good peruse, there were a number of dishes I wanted to try on the menu but I settled for The Mediterranean (18,500). Chunks of lamb marinated in rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. They also do a version of this Mongolian style which I was also keen to try, but I figured since it was a European restaurant I’d go club med.

silence 1

There was a generous amount of lamb chunks. Homemade grilled bread, presumably from the Bakers Table. Fresh sliced onions and a wedge of garlic served with a spicy green side sauce.  The charred lamb had a good flavour on the outside but for me just didn’t have the tenderness I was expecting. It was cooked to well done, and I usually prefer my lamb medium.  It was fine, but not a patch on the lamb chops I had at Twiga the other day, although they were a much more expensive cut of meat, so I guess you get what you pay for. Had the chunks of meat been a little bigger, they may have remained a bit juicier. I like the addition of the bread and onions, I also would have enjoyed the garlic if it had been cooked long enough for it to be soft. For my tastes the sauce was too spicy and overpowered the taste of the meat. Overall I though the dish was fine, but next time I would probably try something else.

silence 2

The Fat Boyfriend had his heart set on The Country Man (14,500). Pan fried chunks of lamb, potatoes, and green pepper served in one of their lovely pans and served with toasted bread. This lamb was pan fried, so didn’t have any of the lovely char-grilled flavour that mine had. It was cooked in the same way and I just felt it was not better than I could do myself. We both enjoyed the peppers and potatoes and found them to be a nice change of pace though.


It’s nice to see some different dishes on a menu, but overall nothing really wowed me that much. As we were leaving we saw some friends who recommended the stew as their standout dish. So perhaps I will try that next time. The dishes are all good value for money but just need a bit of oomph to get them past a 7/10 in my book.


Silence of the Lamb is located at 278-1 Itaewon 2(i)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until you come to the stairs and an underpass. Go through the tunnel and take the stairs on the left. Keep walking straight and follow the road around until you get to Well Being mart. You should see that the road forks, cross over and take the left side. You should see the CU up ahead, Silence of the lamb is on the 2nd floor of the building next door. You can call them on 02-794-9002 for more details.

Left Coast – Revisited

Last week I was desperately hungering after a burger and figured I’d pop down to Left Coast to get my fix. It has been quite sometime since I wrote my last review and the menu has grown and grown since then. So I thought I would share with you what’s new and good.

It was a hot day and I was in need of a drink. You can never go wrong with their sangria. The Fat Boyfriend had a glass of lemonade, tangy and sweet it was a hit. you can also get it jazzed up with vodka or taquilla if you are in the mood.


Of course it was imperative that I try the Juicy Lucy(14,000). This is Left Coast’s most popular burger and it didn’t disappoint. The exact ratio of ingredients were in every bite. The patty well seasoned and filled with glorious cheese in the middle. Accompanied with salad and their special sauce it ticks all the boxes. I’m also loving their lotus fries.


I was also there to try the Popeye (16,000). This is one of Korea’s most controversial burgers. In the Burger Lovers Seoul group it has the members split between loving and hating. A beef patty topped with candied pork and creamed spinach. Do pork and spinach belong in a burger? I’m on the fence. I still enjoyed it though and especially loved the sweet pork. It’s a nice change for those who don’t enjoy the more traditional burgers so I’m happy to see it on the menu.



I really couldn’t decide which sides to get so I got them all. First up fried pickles (5,000). I got obsessed with these after trying them at The Pizza Pub (now Route 66). The coating was so crispy and serve with a ranch dressing. I really have to  try making these myself.



I also tried the polenta fries, which were perfectly formed. If you enjoy the flavor of corn you will love them, personally I wouldn’t mind a few herbs or a slight other flavour to take the edge off like the ones I make. They do have lots of parmesan on top though. I think I think I will stick with my favourite Kalbi Fries next time though.



You would have thought that I would be full by this point but I still had my heart set on trying the Little Piggy Bao Buns (10,000 for 2).  These were little bites of heaven, my only complaint is that they are too small, bigger would be better in this case. Or I should have just ordered three, what a fool I am. Tasty sweet pork with cilantro and shredded cucumber and green onions and a citrus glaze. These really have the perfect balance of sweet and sour.



And who can resist their warm cookie with icecream and whipped cream (6,000)? The perfect end to the meal.


Left Coast is located at 130-43 Itaewon-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and walk out of exit 4, turn back on yourself and take the road on your left (the street where Taco Bell is) and walk straight. Keep walking on the same side you’re on for about 150 meters, Left Coast is on the right on the second floor.  Call them on 02-6223-5338 to make a reservation or check out their facebook page for more details.




Twiga is the latest restaurant to open up in Itaewon-dong. Serving up real South African cuisine, it’s going to be the Seoul Saffers’ home away from home. Mum might be far away from home but Vanita Swart is ready to step in and serve up her family favourites that are even better than your Mum’s cooking. Up on the 5th floor, a lift will take you to this South African Safari. In this light and airy space, cute giraffes and zebras will greet you everywhere you look.


After a look at the menu I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist those lamb chops. I think we all know how hard it is to come by rack of lamb, but fresh lamb chops are even rarer and even more expensive. So the fact they are serving them here for 25,000 is incredibly cheap.  These were cooked to absolute perfection. Every meaty morsel was juicy and tender in the middle with the crisp barbecued exterior. Served with the delicious homemade chutney I could have eaten these 10 times over, but that’s always the way with lamb chops. Luckily the accompanying chips were amazing and I soon forgot about the lamb. These are the best chips I have ever had in Korea, bar the triple cooked ones I make sometimes. They were so good, they could start a chip shop. Tasty , crispy, hand cut, and fried, none of those frozen Costco ones that’s for sure. There was also a lovely side salad on the plate to complete the meal. I was very happy indeed.


My dining companion ordered the Bobotie (20,000). A traditional South African dish consisting of a fruity curry mince, topped with a savory baked custard. As my companion was a South African himself I was very eager to find out how he rated this dish and he declared it delicious. I really enjoyed this dish too even though I hadn’t really had anything like it before. I guess it’s similar to a lasagne but more flavoruful and without the pasta. It too was served with those fabulous chips and salad.


Being a fabulous food blogger I occasionally get a few perks of the job and get to try a few extras. The traditional South African sausage boerwors, were excellent and full of flavour. With two kinds of chutney I couldn’t decide which I like more, the traditional or the peach. We also tried the pumpkin fritters. Golden crisp outside with the taste of sugar and cinnamon.


And of course there was no way I could leave without trying Vanita’s famous Amarula cheesecake (6,500 a slice). Vanita also sells a whole one for (35,000). Man I wish I had known about this before my last birthday. Get one for a mates birthday instead of one of those god awful Paris Baguette creations and you will have a friend for life. The texture was perfection, kind of like clotted cream. Then there was a lovely creamy sweet flavour throughout. If it was legal I would probably marry this cheesecake, then eat all the delicious babies.



Twiga is located on the 5th floor, 26-38 Noksapyeondae-ro, Itaewon, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station and come out of exit 3. Walk across the cross walk so you are outside Suji’s deli and go right and walk  along the main road. Keep going straight until you see the over pass bridge and take the road turning left. Twiga is about halfway up the road on the right hand side, just opposite the Saudi Arabian Embassy. For more information or to make a reservation call 010-3784-9555. 


On the Border – Margarita Party!



It’s party time again down at On the Border. Once again they are hosting their monthly margarita party night. I went last month and had an absolute blast. This month they are having the party at two locations, at Sinchon tonight and at Itaewon next Thursday. The Margarita party costs 35,000 per person for all the food and drink you can manage. This deal is amazing, considering we all know that On the Border isn’t the cheapest Mexican in town.


In the drinks package you get four different kinds of margarita. You get one beergarita with an 8 ball or tangerine IPA. Then you get one regular margarita rocks or frozen. Then you get one blue and one red. I love On the Border margaritas, they really are so tasty and kick ass. If you manage to chug your way through all those margs and you’re still thirsty, draft beer is unlimited. So get your party on bitch.

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As well as all those lovely drinks there is also a whole host of food going on. Knowing the price of the margaritas I really didn’t expect that much last time, other than chips, salsa, and some canapes. But when we got there, there was a giant table filled with food. They pretty much had the whole menu there. 3 kinds of tacos, beef, chicken, soft, and hard. 2 kinds of enchiladas, quesadillas, grand nachos, rice, beans, salad and all the dips and guacamole you could want. I of course indulged in about three plates as is my want. It was very impressive. Again the food was worth it alone. It’s a very good deal if you like to eat and drink as much as I do.

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Tonight the party is happening in Sinchon, and it’s not too late for you to reserve your spot, call 02-792-0682 . Next week’s party is in Itaewon on the 29th. You don’t need to pay until you get there so have no worries about collecting the cash from your friends, just call and reserve a table. And if that wasn’t enough, tell them you’re with Media Paran to get an extra 10% off. See you there Fat fans!