Little Cuba


Seoul’s food landscape is forever changing and in the 6 years that I’ve lived here, the change has been remarkable. Over time the city has become more and more international and there are very few foods you can’t get these days. A few months ago, Seoul’s first Cuban restaurant was opened in Sinchon. The owner and chef is Cuban Augusto Cesar Calzadilla, and he kindly invited me to come and try his food. I’ve never been to Cuba or eaten any Cuban food before so my interest was instantly piqued. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but my first thought was that it would be similar to the food we ate while travelling in South America, and after a little research I found out they did some excellent Cuban sandwiches. So off we went to give it a try. Continue reading



I am always on the search for a good curry, and the other day one of my best friends and most reputable eating buddies told me that Namaste is his favourite Indian restaurant in Seoul. Since he is a man with impeccable taste, I decided to take his good advice and go pay it a visit. Located near Dongmyo station I’d usually decline going to a venue so far from my neighbourhood for reasons of laziness, but since it was on my way home from work I threw caution to the wind and decided to just go for it.

1455971_10152869393321142_8427727341098719399_n - 복사본 (2)

Located on the second floor of a somewhat shabby looking building, it’s far nicer once you go inside, no linoleum floor and strip lighting for a start. Lush sequin fabrics line the walls, the tables are carved wooden affairs, and Hindu gods and golden trinkets adorn every surface as far as the eye can see. It’s actually a very nice setting indeed.


While I flicked through the menu I started off with a Mango Lassi (4,000). It was a Monday and all, and my liver had taken quite a battering on the weekend. Pretty damn good indeed and a good way to kick things off.

10850081_10152869393716142_8394443669210359247_n1509016_10152869393671142_127819889884701721_n - 복사본

To start we of course got samosas (4,000) as no meal is complete without them. The thick pastry crust was filled with potatoes and vegetables. As good as the ones I’ve had anywhere else, but sadly ketchup came as one of the dipping sauces along with the spicy green one. I always order Raita (4,000) on the side but it never shows up until long after my fried appetizers have been devoured, perhaps I need to start calling ahead.


We also got the Vegetable Pakaura (4,000), again cheap and tasty but I  would like better dipping sauces. If that could be arranged they would get a two thumbs up from me.

10411988_10152869393766142_344253958418514398_n - 복사본

You can’t beat a good Chicken Tikka (10,000) and this one was flawless. The meat was cooked  traditionally in the tandoori oven on a skewer. There were juicy nuggets of marinated chicken in the wonderfully tangy and flavourful tikka sauce. Pure bliss , I could easily have eaten this all by myself.


We decided to get an array of curries to please all our tastes. In particular for me the stand out was Butter Chicken (10,000) which was beyond rich and creamy heavenly goodness. The Vegetable Korma (9,000) again was exceptional and a dish I would never usually try. It was very mild but the sauce was so mourish. We got a Lamb Vindaloo (11,000) which is The Fat Boyfriend’s favourite but personally I found a bit too spicy, but he assured me it was on par. We also got a Palak Paneer (9,000) which is usually one of my favourite curries, but compared to the others wasn’t even half as tasty, and I didn’t really care for it. Overall I was pretty damn happy though.

1378480_10152869393431142_3447802880187576097_n (1) - 복사본 - 복사본

You can’t have curry without naan, so we got a couple of orders of the Garlic Naan (2,500). The bread was very good but not quite as good as the ones at Taj Palace or Everest.


As you can see we had quite feast between the three of us. The few leftovers we had, we got wrapped up to take home. Plus a couple other curries to take home for later by a person who shall remain nameless. Overall I was really happy with the meal, the curries were tasty and the prices are exceptionally cheap. Despite the fact it’s not as close to my house as one would like, I’ll still be paying them another visit soon.

535942_10152869393261142_1160373532764539740_n - 복사본 - 복사본10850306_10152869393376142_6674127504731717205_n

Namaste is located at 316-2 Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Take a train to Dongmyo Station (Lines 1,6) and come out exit 5. The restaurant is on the second floor of the building just to your left. For more information call them on 02-2232-2286.



Peppino is a new Italian restaurant located in Itaewon just across from The Wolfhound Pub, having had various bad experience with Italian food in Korea, it’s one of those cuisines that I just usually avoid, unless I’m eating at Il Gattino of course where I know the food is as authentic as it comes.

So when I was invited to Peppino by the owners to come and try the food I was skeptical to say the least, but a girl’s gotta eat so I took my best two chingus along with me to give it a go. Continue reading



Plant has been on my to go list forever, and I mean forever, it’s just been put off until now. But when my lovely vegan friend Derek came for a visit I knew that now was the time. Plant is a vegan restaurant run by Mipa the writer and all round wonderful lady that runs the Aliens Day Out Blog. The restaurant is small and quaint, serving up 2 different meals everyday as well as vegan baked goods, smoothies, and coffees. All the meals are written up on the chalk board and change daily. Continue reading



Finding new and cool places to eat is actually pretty easy these days, a walk around my neighborhood offers up a plethora of new options week in week out as more and more buildings are turned into eateries to feed the hordes of people visiting our hood. Last week I was invited by the owners to come and try the food at Calcotada in Gyeongridan. Located just up on the hill past the Police station, it’s hidden away from the crowds which I always find desirable in an eatery, ain’t nobody got time for queuing. Continue reading

Linus’ Bama Style BBQ – 라이너스 알라바마스타일 바비큐


Linus has been the talk of the town for months now, ever since he finally quit pop ups and opened up a restaurant full time he’s all anyone can talk about. His southern style barbecue is the taste of home that people have been craving for years.  Earlier this summer he started out with a flaccid opening to perfect his craft and begged for no reviews until after the grand opening. I kindly obliged his request which is why I have waited until now to post my review, that coupled with busyness and laziness. I was also waiting for him to perfect the cocktail list, you know I can’t eat without some booze in my belly, it’s bad for my digestion!

라이너스는 여러달동안 화제가 되고 있다. 라이너스가 팝업을 그만두고 레스토랑으로 개업을 한

이후로 계속 라이너스는 모두의 입에 오르내리고 있다. 그의 남부스타일 바베큐는 사람들이 오랫동안

기다려온 고향의 맛이다. 올여름초에 라이너스는 그의 기술을 완벽히 하고자 미완의 오픈을 했고

제대로 개업할 때까지 리뷰를 하지 말아달라고 간곡히 부탁했었다. 나는 친절히 그의 요구에 응했고

이것이 내가 리뷰를 하지 않고 지금까지 기다렸던 이유다. 또는 또한 완벽한 칵테일 리스트를 만들기를

기다리고 있었다. 이웃님들도 아시다시피 나는 나쁜 소화력 때문에 약간의 알코올 없이는 먹을 수가


Continue reading

5 Foodie Photos which make me Happy!

Everyone has been sharing their favourite 5 photos from the past year that make them happy, all over facebook. So I thought that  I would share my Top 5 foodie moments from the past year too!

1. After years of yearning, Bulldogs opened and started serving Pimms!

10300762_666418636786488_6598436292101078050_n Continue reading