Vatos Urban Tacos


So as per usual I am way behind the foodie times. Every food reviewer and his dog has already written about the wonders of Vatos.  The restaurant already has queues going down the hill so I’m sure none of the regulars want me sharing it’s deliciousness with the few people that don’t know about it. However readers I want you to know about all the places that I love to eat and Vatos is definitely in my Top 5 which is why it was 100% necessary for me to write about it, even if it has taken me a year and a half!


This place is tres cool with a hip and happening vibe, in fact it’s probably so cool it’s out again. On any given evening it’s always filled to the brim with people eating, drinking and having a good time. As well as trying some of the best Mexican fusion food and drinks in Korea it’s the place to be seen.


Almost everything on the extensive menu is good here, but I will will run you through my favourites and some of the new items that are on their Spring/Summer menu. But before I can even get to to the food I have to talk about the cocktails. No one loves a cocktail more than Fat Girl and at Vatos they have a pretty damn good choice. Now for me the star attraction is their margaritas! With a huge variety of fruity flavours and a whole host of accompanying bottles you can  have upturned into one. Why have one drink when you can have two right? For the sweet toothed I have to recommend the Sexy Sanchez (17,400). A strawberry margarita with a strawberry Brunty’s cider, cider + taquilla = drunken fun times ahead! I am also a big fan of the new passion fruit margarita (12,500). For non frozen fans try the Texas Tea (14,000) and the Mexican Martini (15,000).


I have pretty much tried all the tacos at this point and hands down, the Lime Shrimp (10,000 for 3)  are my favourite. They are so good I would crawl over my grandmother to get them. In fact I usually order 3 then have another 3 because I love them that much. Breaded pieces of shrimpy goodness, salad, delicious limey sauce and their amazing homemade soft tacos. Just thinking about them right now is making me hanker after them. Just recently they added another flavour to their taco collection, Chimichurri Chicken Tacos (9,000 for 3). The chicken and chimichurri sauce has a really nice kick without being too spicy. They pack a punch of flavour while still remaining fresh and tasty.


Also on the new menu are the Honey Tequilla Chicken Wings (12,000). I do love a good wing and these are exceptional. The crunchy coating is spectacular. I asked for the recipe and they told me it was just seasoned flour, but mine never comes out like that!  The sauce has a dozen or so ingredients that I am sure I would never be able to recreate. I could have eaten at least two portions of these even on top of the tacos.


The Sid Burger & fries(15,500) is the latest and most popular burger on the burger network. Aptly named after it’s genius creator Sid! Now I love a good burger, I have written about this fact dozens and dozens of times. I even belong to a Seoul Burger Lovers Group on Facebook, yes there is one you can join here. Among the elite burgeratti of Seoul this is one of the most highly regarded and I was desperate to try it. A burger, cheese, and pulled pork. It’s like two things I love got married and had a burger baby. This is a serious mouthful of meaty goodness. Vatos makes some seriously good burgers, so be sure not to neglect them in favour of their more Mexican style dishes.


Lastly we has to try the Tamales (10,000 for 2). I fell in love with tamales when I was in Argentina and never thought in my wildest dreams they would turn up in Korea. When Vatos put them on the menu I was one of the first to try them. Two big tamales stuffed with corny goodness and two dipping sauces. One cool and one spicy, so everyone is happy.


One word of advice, this place gets packed during prime dining hours especially at weekends. Luckily you can make a reservation, do it or prepare to queue. The other option is eating at the bar or a little island table. As the cool and trendy folk that like to queue come here to be seen as well as enjoying amazing food, and are not generally interested in those tables so you can usually jump the line a little. Call the number below to reserve a table.

Vatos has three locations in Seoul. One in Sinsa, one in Apgujeong, and one in Itaewon. My local is the one in Itaewon. Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong, 81-8 2nd Floor, Seoul Korea(서울시 용산구 이태원동) For the other location please click on the above links. For more information including maps and a full menu check out their website or call 02-797-8226. 

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Buccella Sandwich


Yesterday was a glorious sunny day and we paid a visit to Sinsa to have a gander at The Great British Festival that was happening. After a stroll, a coffee and a spot of shopping we fancied a bit of lunch and stopped at this place. A sandwich and a table in the sun was far too much for Fat Girl to resist.


After having a look at what everyone else was eating I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist one of their lovely looking sandwiches. They also had a number of salads for the carb conscious. The Fat Boyfriend opted for the Tender beef (9,800). Pan seared beef marinated in a special steak sauce with mozzarella. This was a really nice steak sandwich. The beef was very tender and not at all chewy like you find in far too many steak sandwiches. The sauce on the beef was also really tasty. The bread they used was fantastic, I’m not 100% sure but I believe they make it in house as they have various bread items for sale. The sandwich also came with a small side salad. A pretty damn good lunch for under 10,000.



I was torn between the Grilled Chicken and the Vegetarian. In the end I opted for the Grilled Chicken (9,300) as I was won over by the chicken marinated in olive oil and rosemary. The bread was once again fantastic, the salad fresh and just the right amount of dressing. However the sandwich just lacked in flavour. I was suffering from a cold so my taste buds were not at their finest, but even so, it just needed something to kick it up a little. Perhaps a bit more seasoning or a more flavourful dressing or sauce. Ratio wise it was great, so perhaps next time I will try the Chicken Taco Sandwich or Vegetarian.


Although it’s not the best sandwich I’ve ever had, it’s still a very cute spot to grab a fresh and tasty lunch and I would definitely come again. It’s no Deli Heinzburg which is just up the street but it’s also much cheaper and had outdoor seating if the Deli queues are too long.

Buccella is located at Sinsa-dong 534-22. To get there take a train to Sinsa station (line 3). Come out of exit 8 and walk straight until you get to Tous Le Jours and make a left. Keep walking straight along that road. It is tucked away on one of the little side alleys on the left about halfway down Garosugil.


On the Border – Part Dos

I have to admit that despite being a food blogger I am a creature of habit and enjoy returning to my old favourite haunts. I especially love to swing by these places if they serve lovely big cocktails that I enjoy, like mojitos!!!


I was invited to try the Live Guacamole (19,000) as part of my exciting career as a food journalist for 10 Magazine. Free guacamole, I hear you cry, Fat Girl you are living the dream! I sure am and it’s a dream filled with avocados.

Live Guacamole is a dish that is served, unsurprisingly  “live”. One of the lovely waiters or waitresses will come over to your table with their batch of ingredients and make the guacamole in front of you. Quite a novel idea, I do  enjoy a bit of theatre with my dinner. They also do a Live Queso too.


The guacamole is fresh, and it’s definitely a fine selling point. Personally I would have liked it with a bit more seasoning or kick, but a few drops of hot sauce later and it was pretty much perfect.


Whilst I was there I figured it would be churlish not to try a few other items. We ordered up the Chicken Empanadas (13,500). I am a huge fan of the empanada ever since my jaunt around South America a few years ago. In fact I practically lived off them for three months so like to consider myself a bit of an expert. The filling was more of a Tex-Mex fusion than a tradition one, but they were in no way less delicious. Cheesy with a slight spice. The skin was crispy and especially delicious. But lets face it, anything deep-fried tastes great.



I also had a hankering for fajitas. It’s a dish we often have at home but rarely have out. I was having trouble deciding upon which meat to have, so went for the Ultimate Fajita (33,500). Served 0n a sizzling fajita grill is none other than shrimp, chicken, steak, onions and peppers! They also give you tortillas, refried beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.Iit’s actually very good value and really tasty. This is a dish to share.


As you can see we devoured the lot, and a good time was had by all.


On the Border is located at 737-37, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon station (Line6) and come out of exit 2. Keep walking straight, for about 200 meters, until you reach the Hannam building. On the Border is on the 2nd floor. You can call them on 02-792-0682 or checkout their website for more details.

Cheung Kee


Cheung Kee is a restaurant that The Fat Boyfriend and myself had been longing to try for quite sometime. But whenever we were in Itaewon we just weren’t in the mood for noodles. However the time finally came to try it out. Now I’m only mad that I didn’t go sooner.


As we walked in we saw the chefs were making noodles themselves at one of the tables, which I always consider to be a good sign. The hand made noodles are cooked in various different ways and can come in a soup broth or fried. We decided to go for variety and have a few different ones. They also have wontons!


I ordered the Wonton and Pork Dumplings with noodles in Soup (9,500). When it first arrived the broth smelt a bit fishy, but when I ate it, it didn’t taste that way at all. The noodles were really great and had a very authentic taste. The wontons and dumplings were plentiful. They were nice and very Chinese in their taste, but for me no dumpling will ever live up to a Shanghai soup dumpling! The wontons and soup here are very close to what you would get from a restaurant at home. It was good to have it again.


My friend Alex ordered the Braised Beef with  noodles in Soup (9,500). The broth in the beef soup was divine. So flavourful with plenty of chunks of the tender braised beef. I really enjoyed this one and I would probably order it again over mine, but I would have had some dumplings in it too.


The Fat boyfriend went for the Pork with hot & sweet sauce, dumplings with noodles (9,500). I especially enjoyed these noodles as they were fried. I am always torn between the soup and the fried noodles. So I think it’s always best to have both. If pushed I would say these were my favourite. The sauce was delicious, as were the noodles and strips of porks. the dumplings were the same as the ones I had.


We also couldn’t resist the fried wontons (5,500). Crispy pieces of fried goodness. The shrimps inside were small and could have held a little bit more filling. But the skins were perfectly crisp. I would certainly still order them again.


Cheung Kee is located at 128-4 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul to get there take a train to Itaewon station(line 6) and come out of exit 4. Turn back on yourself and take a right around the corner. Cheung Kee is just on your right underneath Gekko’s Terrace. You can call them on 02-322-3913 for more information.

Richard Copycat – All American Diner


Where to begin on this dining experience. Hmm I guess lets start with the name. Is Richard Copycats not the stupidest name ever!!! What are you copying Richard??? All American Diner was just fine, really summed up you and what you do.

As some of you may be aware RCC’s has recently moved. Instead of being by Mcdonald’s it’s moved premises to the other end of of Itaewon. The new premises are a former night club. They clearly like the vibe and have decided to keep the decor. When I first arrived I thought it was quite cool. Who doesn’t like white leather sofas and faux palm trees?


However as we waited for our menus we started to look around a bit and found that all the glass was smeared and dirty and various fixtures had broken, come apart or been set on fire. Yes there was evidence, no I didn’t take a picture a la Trip Advisor. Maybe when this was a night club the dark cover of night hid these things well, but it’s daytime, you’re serving brunch and the tables are in need of a good clean. Perhaps Richard should invest in some Windex and ask his waitress to stop playing Candy Crush, and clean the tables. As you can see from the photo the place was empty so I’m sure she had ample time.

On to the food. We perused the menu filled to the brim with all American classics. We placed our food orders and tried to order a Bloody Mary, but our waitress told us they don’t serve alcohol until 6! WTF! It’s brunch, we are in a nightclub sitting on white leather sofas, listening to hiphop blaring out the stereo and you want me to do this sober, really? I was very upset, you know Fat Girl likes a cocktail with breakfast, especially when she is hungover. If it was a diner like space I could live without the Bloody Mary but it’s a club, and they could seriously cash in on the day drinking crowd, as it’s a huge, light space which would be ideal for drinking on a summer’s day. Also drunk people would care less about the smudged glass.

On to the food. My dining companion (Mat from food blog Restaurants of Korea) ordered a strawberry smoothie when informed there was to be no booze. He didn’t like it and thought it was very artificial, personally I enjoyed it though. But it’s more of a milkshake than a smoothie. I just had a coke, 4,000 but its refillable.


I ordered the Bacon Cheddar Burger (15,800), nothing off the breakfast menu was jumping out at me, so I figured you can’t go wrong with a cheeseburger. A couple of years ago it was also often featured in the Top 5 burgers lists so I wanted to give it a try for that reason alone. Presented nicely enough and a toasted bun I ate, I chewed, I swallowed. It was fine, but really nothing special. Kind of like a frozen one you would buy at home. At best a 6/10. The fries were again fine but just the frozen ones from Costco. I don’t think it justified its 16,000 price tag. I can get a real gourmet burger from Left coast, Burger B , or Brooklyn Burger  for less than that, and all 3 restaurants have a hell of a lot more ambiance.


My dining companion went for the Farmers Breakfast (14,100). Gravy and biscuits, bacon, sausages, scrambled egg, and country fried potatoes. This one again was fine, the potatoes were good and so were the herby sausages. The eggs needed more seasoning and neither of us enjoyed the biscuits. They just tasted like margarine, but so do the ones at KFC so maybe I have unrealistic expectations of what biscuits should taste like. The gravy wasn’t like anything I had tried before. If you are more familiar with american style gravy it could be a little bit more up your alley.


All in all I didn’t leave Richard Copycats with the same enthusiasm that I came in with. Although on using the 50% discount coupon that’s available until March 31st I only paid 10,000 for my dinner, which is about what it was worth. Had it cost the 20,000 it was supposed to I would have been pissed off. The food is over priced for what is, just mediocre diner food. Maybe if you are craving that kind of taste of home then you will be happy but I just felt let down. Years ago when they opened and dining choices were limited this was probably a great place, but Itaewon has boomed since then and we have restaurants galore and your 20,000 can buy you a damn good breakfast. With the mixed messages of the alcohol free club like atmosphere I can’t see too many customers queueing up for this place. Though if you are set to have a taste of home, go before March 31st while it’s still half price and just show this picture.


Richard Copycats is located at 736-9 Hanam-dong, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (line 6). Walk straight out of exit 3 and keep going straight. Cross the street and keep on going. Richard copycats is just past Rocky Mountain Tavern on the 3rd floor. You can call them on 02-790-0411 or checkout their website for more details.

Greek on the Grill


I spotted this little place a few weeks ago when walking around Itaewon, I made a note of it and vowed to give it a try next time I wasn’t so full. Then a few days ago we passed it again and I figured it was about time. I love kebabs and love grilled food so I figured there really wasn’t anything not to like. They are very similar to kebabs except the meat is cooked on skewers and not sliced from a giant piece like the Turkish ones. They are also wrapped in thick pita breads rather than the thinner tortilla breads the kebab shops have.


I ordered the chicken souvlaki pita (5,000). Chunks of char-grilled chicken, fresh salad and topped with  a tzatziki sauce. All wrapped up in a chewy pita bread it was rather good indeed.


And of course The fat boyfriend wanted to try the lamb souvlaki pita (5,500). He really does love his lamb!


As well as the souvlaki pitas, they have just plain meat on a stick and a few different Greek salads. There is room for seating or you can get it to go. A cool little place to grab food on the go and a nice change from kebabs and sandwiches.

Greek on the Grill is located at 64-67 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station, come out exit 4 and walk straight until you get to Dillinger’s. Take the stairs down to the left of Dillinger’s and then turn right and it’s on your left after about 50 metres. You can call  them 02-797-7043 for more details.

Wine Odyssey


I always seem to get a lot of requests asking for my advice on nice restaurants to visit for anniversaries and other such occasions. Well last week I got to add another to my list. Wine Odyssey is a chic, romantic wine bar and restaurant located in Hannam-dong. Warm and inviting, it breeds the feeling of romance as soon as you walk in, with the dim lights and plush furnishings. With an extensive wine list it’s the perfect place for oenophiles. They also have live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The perfect ambiance for those looking to go somewhere special.

While I waited a beautiful place was set for me and I was given a whole basket of bread all to myself. The baguette was perfect, real bread for once, with a lovely chewy texture and oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. The menu is large, filled with Spanish and Italian tapas dishes and main courses, with a few Russian favourites thrown in as a nod to its owner.


I really find it hard to choose between things I love. So when I perused the menu and saw they had garlic mushrooms and garlic prawns I really was torn. Luckily for me I am a VIP food blogger and they agreed to let me have a half portion of each. The Setas a la Cazuela (18,000) were so good! Sizzling in the pan when they arrived and doused in a delicious garlic oil that was perfectly flavoured with garlic without being too strong. The mushrooms were so juicy. I kid you not, I wiped the bowl clean. Soaking up all that lovely garlic oil with my bread.


As well as the mushrooms I had my Gambas al Ajillo (18,000).  Plump juicy King prawns in a garlic and chili oil. The sauce was so tasty without being hot. The chef told me the flavour comes from a Spanish sweet paprika he brought with him from Spain. A sure fire hit.


Lobster Pasta (35,000) was my main course. It was presented so beautifully I felt I was being spoiled. There were generous chunks of lobster throughout the rich and tasty tomato sauce. Served over spaghetti this was a really nice dish and different from most of the pastas you get in Seoul. Authentic and tasty, you won’t be disappointed if you try this.


To finish up I was treated to a service size tiramisu (8,000). The full sized portion is at least twice the size. Served up in an espresso cup this was the most adorable dessert ever. It was pretty damn tasty too. Smooth and creamy with a delightful coffee sponge without being too strong. The perfect end to a lovely meal.


Wine Odyssey is located at 3F, 273-2 Hannam-dong,Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The restaurant is in Hannam-dong and not that close to a subway station. The closest one is Hangangjin (line 6). You can walk from there in about 10 minutes. The directions are kind of complicated, so just check your smartphone’s map for directions, if I can find it then so can you! Call 070-8959-1198 or check out their facebook page for more details.

P’tit Paris


Last week I was invited to try the newest French restaurant to hit Itaewon. P’tit Paris is a small and cute little restaurant which specializes in crepes! J’adore crepes and all things French, so I was super excited to try them out. There is a lovely large bar in the front and seating for about 10 in the cozy restaurant at the back. The menu is in French and Korean, but the lovely Uni is there to explain everything if you need any help.

We started off with a glass of their freshly squeezed orange juice (6,000). It was so tasty, I finished mine in minutes. My dining companion remarked that it was a little warm, so maybe a few ice-cubes wouldn’t go amiss. But not too many as we really wouldn’t want to take the space of that wonderful juice.


Our first crepe to try was the Galette Champignons (12,000). I think we all know how much I love mushrooms, but mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce wrapped up in a crepe is perfection. This was so tasty and comforting I will certainly be back to have another one. If we didn’t have more dishes coming I really would have had another one, it was just perfect.


Our sec0nd crepe was the Galette Complete (12,000). Inside were mushrooms, ham, and cheese and it was topped with an egg. This was made in the very traditional way so the the egg wasn’t cooked 100% right through. I’m personally fine with having raw egg, but for those who don’t perhaps you can ask them to cook it more. The crepe again was nice and cheese and ham is always a winning combination. Although the mushrooms were not cooked in this one, I would have loved them to have been fried in butter first.


Next up was Prosciutto salad (15,000). My assistant Victoria was starting to get a bit full by the time the salad showed up, but I really picked up the slack and ate the part of her share that she couldn’t manage. There was something so rich and creamy about this salad. Chunks of mozzarella, strips of prosciutto and lots of grated parmesan. It really was good and went perfectly with the crepes.


Finally we tried their special cinnamon apple filling crepe (15,000). This was lovely too. Just like an apple pie with a crepe instead of pie crust. It was so tasty we didn’t leave a bite. If there was a scoop of ice-cream on the top it would be heavenly. They also have a variety of other dessert crepes on the menu including Nutella!


As well as the sweet and savoys crepes and galettes , there are salads and various other accompaniment dishes on the menu. There is also plenty of booze including wine, beers, and cocktails!  With Pancake Day on the way soon (March 4th) it’s the perfect place to try if you can’t or won’t make your own.

P’tit Paris is located at 57-19 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there, take a train to Itaewon station (Line6) and walk out of exit 1. Walk straight all the way down to the end of the road and walk up the hill. P’tit Paris is located in the small alleyway opposite Starbucks. For more information call 070-4243-3302 or check out their facebook page.

Brooklyn The Burger Joint


So this weekend we ventured to Seorae, the French village, in search of Seoul’s best burger. Now I am a huge burger fan and always on the look out for an amazing burger that makes all my meat filled bun dreams come true. I have only ever heard good things about this place so I figured it was about time that I left Itaewon and actually went somewhere different for a change. After negotiating the little streets we finally found our way to Brooklyn Burger. And like any hip and trendy restaurant worth its salt in Korea, it had a nice big line outside. I guess it could have been worse right, a few people even took to buying burgers and sitting outside to eat them, this just fueled my hunger ten fold. We popped our name on the list and sat across the street to wait, there is a cute little coffee shop just next door though. We were fairly lucky being a twosome and only had to wait about 20 minutes before we were called forward into the inner sanctum.

The place is exactly what you would imagine, a cool hip place, with seating for about 20. There is even a whole wall dedicated to condiments, just my style. I’m actually considering adding this divine decorating feature to my own home. The menu consists of burgers, a few sides and shakes. Standard burger fare with no kimchi or Koreanized dishes to be seen.


We had a look down the menu, all the burgers are reasonably similar, just with slightly different combinations of ingredients. The one that stood out right away was The Brooklyn Works (9,500). We split this one in half and both had a bite. At first bite I did go Mmmm. The measure in which I always quantify burger deliciousness. But only the first bite warranted one. After that I was like, it’s nice but not amazing. I still think the first time I had Burger B I was more delighted. To make your buger a set, you can get a half order of fries and a soda for an extra 5,000.



We also tried the C.R.E.A.M – Cheddar Rules Everything Around Meat (9,500) This one was quite similar except it had more of the horseradish cream sauce and no salad. It was again a nice burger but not quite as good as the works. The Cheese Skirt burger seemed to be quite popular too.


We opted not do do the set as I was hankering after the Chili cheese fries (10,500) This plate was huge, and smothered is fake cheese and chili. The chili was good but a little bit spicy for my taste,  although The Fat Boyfriend deemed it perfect. I personally would have rather had real cheese instead of the fake stuff. So for me the fries didn’t quite hit the mark. I’d probably just go for the regular ones next time.


Other than the burgers, the reason to visit is the shakes. I couldn’t resist the Nutella with burnt marshmallows milkshake (6,500) This milkshake was epic. It was just as advertised and amazingly tasty. For me dipping a finger into the Nutella jar constitutes a good time, so a delicious creamy Nutella thick shake is holy grail of good times. The marshmallows were toasted to perfection and not burnt at all. If you have a sweet tooth then you must go try one. It is by far and away the best milkshake in Seoul and puts those sad little drinks at Once Upon a Milkshake completely to shame.


So overall I didn’t really think that Brooklyn the Burger joint was the best burger in Seoul. So I guess I’m still searching. Although taste is so much a matter of preference that I don’t know if the perfect burger is even out there. It’s a nice place and I would go again, if only for the milkshake. Plus going on a weekend you are always guaranteed to partake in Korea’s favorite past time of queuing to get in restaurants, surely that alone is a fun filled Saturday. And if the queuing and the milkshake didn’t convince you, Seorae is also a great little neighborhood so it’s worth going just for a wonder and to take a trip to the huge Paris Croissant and buy some bread and a pot of 17,000 won butter. No I didn’t get it, The Fat Boyfriend wouldn’t let me :(  Although we did get the tiny 5,500 one instead :)

Brooklyn The Burger Joint is located at 551-32 1F Banpo-Dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. Opening hours 11.30 – 21.30 (closed on Mondays) Call them on 02-533-7180 for more information.




On Sunday night I had some of the best Indian food I have eaten in Seoul.While enjoying a lovely cold evening in watching episodes of Elementary, we were deciding what on earth to have for dinner. Now usually Sunday is pizza Sunday in our house. However I  got rather drunk on Friday night and pizza Sunday was moved to Saturday. It was crazy cold so neither of us wanted to go out for dinner and I had forgotten to take the lamb out of the freezer to make the stew I was planning on. “I kinda fancy Indian,” I told The Fat Boyfriend wondering if I could persuade him to go up to Itaewon. “Hmm, I could do that I suppose,” he agreed. I sat googling Indian restaurants in Itaewon looking for menus so we could place a collection order. When lo and behold I came across Chakraa who actually deliver!!! Hurrah, hurrah indeed. Now despite living in the foreign food capital of Seoul, we still have very few delivery options. Except for Korean food, chicken, or pizza. HBC also doesn’t really have a great lot of take away options either these days since Indigo shut down. There are of course the wonderful sandwiches from Casablanca, burgers from about 20 different restaurants, or fish and chips, but that’s it. We can of course cross the bridge and go to Kyungnidan but crossing a bridge really requires a lot of effort. So to find another delivery option available to us is pretty much heaven on a plate. Please let me know if you know of any others.

Chakraa has a huge menu filled with curries of every imaginable kind. We ordered a butter chicken and a lamb rogan josh. The butter chicken (15,000) was exceptionally tasty, one of the nicest I have ever had, full of flavour while still being mild. It had good hints of coconut too. The lamb rogan josh (15,000) again was good, the sauce tasty and plenty of lamb. It was of a medium heat. Both curries were of a good size making them worth the money.

We also ordered chiken tikka (9,000). Boneless pieces of tandoori baked chicken, full of flavour and a good sized portion. I was thrilled to bits with these. I love my appetizers so we ordered the Samosas 4 pieces (5,000) These samosas were good, dare I say it even nicer than the ones at Everest. Lovely thick pastry outsides, filled with yummy curry potatoes in the middle, a must try.

We also ordered some Onion bhajis (9,000) for about 7. I love, love, love these at home but have yet to see them on a menu in Korea. They didn’t really look like the ones we get at home, but they were still deep fried onion bhaji goodness and I’m sure I would order them again.

Garlic naan (2,500) is an absolute must when I order a curry. I could live without rice but not garlic bread goodness. there are also a few other varieties of bread you can try. I will definitely be placing another order soon.

Chakraa restaurant is located at Seoul Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 28-9 if you would like to visit them in person. If you are lazy like me and live in Hanam dong, Itaewon, Haebangchon, Songtan, Nonhyun dong, U.N Village, or Oksu dong then order up a delivery! Delivery times are 12pm-3pm and  5pm-9.30pm,  minimum order 20,000. For more info including the menu, please check out their website or call Call 02-796-2255.

Calling all Suwonites!!! There is also a branch in Suwon  at 2F, 436-45, Maetan-dong, Yeongtong-gu, suwon-si, gyeonggi-do. This branch also delivers to Maetandong and Yountong areas.